The Upside Down: Day of the Great Decision

Still reeling from this realization, Milo caught his breath and tried to figure out what to do next. There was no way he could leave his house without instantly being flung into outer space. Suddenly, he came up with a plan. He could try calling someone! Maybe he could call his boss. He heaved himself off the floor and made his way over to his bedroom, where he began to look for his phone. As soon as he remembered where he had set his phone though, he felt a sinking feeling. Last night, before he got in bed, he had set his phone on his heavy antique bed stand, which was now overturned, sitting upside down on the ceiling.

He heaved the stand up and looked under it. There sat his phone, smashed into little bits and pieces. As he stared at his phone, he began to panic. He had no way of communication, and he couldn’t go outside of his house. Milo sat down against his wall, trying to think. If only there was a way to get from house to house, he could make his way to the diner, or the town hall, where other people might be congregated. Then he would be able to find out what happened. As the power flickered off, Milo looked around. But of course. With gravity reversed, there were bound to be some problems with the power poles. And suddenly, an idea struck him. A crazy idea, that seemed to go against everything he had ever stood for, but an idea that just might work.

Milo sprang to action. He leapt up and ran to his kitchen window, where the power line entered his house. He opened the window. Suddenly thinking better of it, he ran from room to room, gathering anything he thought would be useful, which he stuffed into his single backpack, that he had owned since he was 15 (which was the last year he had done anything adventurous). Several water bottles, a cheap pocket knife, a few cans of beans and some cans of raviolis, a bit of string, a jacket, and a few other things. Once he had collected everything that he thought he needed, he made his way back to the now open kitchen window. He stood there for a minute, steeling himself. Then, with a burst of resolve, he began to climb out, and down.

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