The Upside Down: Day of the Down

As Milo woke up, he was vaguely aware that his face felt squished and uncomfortable against a slightly bumpy surface. His mind still foggy, he tried to figure out why this was. His pillow? What had happened? Had he fallen off of his bed during the night? But no, his floor was carpeted, and the surface that he was lying on was hard…so that couldn’t be it. Maybe he had forgotten to set down his book last night before he fell asleep. As his senses began to sharpen, Milo became aware of the “lurch mode” in his stomach from last night, still there – and if anything, it had gotten more prevalent. This made him much more alert, and now he began to worry.

Slowly, he pushed himself up, turned over, and began to sit up – but as his eyes focused, he stopped short and stared, because this was crazy! He must be dreaming. It had to be a dream. Of course, that would be it. He stood up, mind spinning from what he was seeing, and quickly made his way over to the sink, past overturned desks and scattered books. Any feelings of grogginess had vanished quicker than a jolt of electricity, leaving his mind sharp. Still, he continued to make his way over to his sink, convinced that this would fix it. Once he reached it, he turned both of the faucets on full blast, intending to splash the water on his face and wake himself up.

But it didn’t work quite as he had planned. As he stared wide-eyed at this new development, he began to grow frantic. Even if this was just a dream, it was going too far for him. He turned off the faucets and ran headlong towards his front door, fully intending to step in front of a car and force himself to wake up. After a moment’s difficulty forcing the door open, he started outside – and suddenly, as he crossed into the outdoors, his mind lurched with horror as he realized he had made a grave mistake. But by then it was too late. He felt himself falling down…or was it up? With only seconds to spare, his reflexes kicked in, and he found himself grabbing the frame of the door, where he hung on. Even if this was a dream, his survival instinct prevented him from letting go.

Somewhere, in the back of his mind, he now knew that this wasn’t a dream. Somehow, in the sleepy town of Crownhill, the impossible had happened. This was real, and he had to get back inside and figure out what to do. With all the strength he had, he slowly and carefully pulled himself back into his house. When he finally made it, panting hard, he sat down on his ceiling and finally realized to the full extent what had happened.

Gravity had, somehow, been reversed.

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2 years ago

Very interesting! I’m so glad you didn’t wait too long before writing this second chapter! When can we expect the next one?