Turning Time

Splash! Splash! The figure dashed through the dark alleyway, splashing through puddles as he went. He skidded round a corner and into another alley, large neon billboards lighting his way from above.

“Stop, or face the penalty of death,” the robotic voice echoed through streets.

Flashing red and yellow lights followed him. As the man ran, he pulled a sonic blaster out of his holster and began to charge it up. The sonic blaster was one of the many high-tech weapons available for purchase on the black market. And although it took several seconds to charge up, it packed a punch. Beep! It was charged. The man skidded to a stop, swinging around to fire his sonic blaster at the patrol drone which was chasing him. He slid backwards several feet as a concentrated sonic blast emanated from his weapon. A shock-wave exploded to the sides of the gun.

“Stop, or face the penalty -” the drone was cut short with a gigantic Bang! as it exploded, turning into fiery ash. The man resumed running as more drones soared around the corner in pursuit. Rat-tat-tat-tat-tat! One of the drones, a combat drone from the looks of it, fired an automatic machine gun at the man as he ran. Most of the bullets missed, but he felt one of them rip red-hot through his leg. Stumbling, the man slid around another corner, panting and out of breath. He loaded another shot in his gun, spun round, and waited for the drone to round the corner. Whizz! There it came, and he fired the sonic blaster at it. The drone was thrown backward, colliding into the wall. Despite its armor plating, it wasn’t able to withstand the impact as it smashed against the wall.

A red fireball exploded from the combat drone as the man turned round, running as fast as he could with his injured leg. Combat drones, despite having immense firepower, were relatively explosive, and he was glad about that.

As the man turned the next corner, however, he came to a stop. There was a barricade of at least 50 combat drones facing him. His gun wasn’t loaded, and the man backed up slowly, unsure of what to do. Rat-tat-tat-tat-tat! The combat drones fired. The man ducked and dodged, trying desperately to avoid the bullets, to no avail. One after another pierced his flesh. Finally, the threat eliminated, the drones dispersed.

The man lay there, bleeding and struggling to breathe, but there was a smirk on his face. Reaching into his pocket, he grabbed a stopwatch and started to turn a knob on it.

“Let’s try this again.”

Clack! Clack! The figure dashed through the dark alleyway, dodging around puddles with almost superhuman precision as he went, his metal boots hitting the dry pavement. He skidded round a corner and into another alley, large neon billboards lighting his way from above. The man pulled out his sonic blaster and began to charge it. He was going to need it.

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