The Cave of Discovery

Ah, hello, my honored customer. What can I do for you today? Oh? You want to know more about this? Well, I’ll tell you…

The locket itself is merely a trinket – its real value lies in where it was found. You see, it came from a place called the Cave of Discovery. The Cave of Discovery lies in a forest, far beyond the sprawling reaches of civilization. Far beyond the large cities, and the long and winding roads. Far beyond even the furthest explorations, and far beyond the most expansive trails – that’s where the Cave of Discovery lies.

There’s no point in asking me how I found the Cave, because I’m not going to tell you. Suffice it to say that it took me many years of research and countless hours of searching to find it.

I still remember when I saw the entrance. I was walking through a forest. Large pine trees sprouted out of the ground around me. It was winter, and the few patches of ground that weren’t covered in snow were frozen. Several birds twittered as I walked along. And then, after finally pushing my way through a particularly dense group of trees and brush, I saw it.

There was the entrance to the cave. Several yards wide, and the height of a normal human, the darkness inside contrasting with the snow surrounding it. Brown brambles surrounded the Cave’s entrance, and brownish vines hung down from above, nearly hiding it from view. I suppose that it must have been completely hidden during summer, with the vines covered in leaves, and the bushes and bramble around it growing freely.

I remember the excitement in which I rushed toward the Cave, and I remember what I found there; what I discovered – but I shouldn’t talk much more about it. I got a bit carried away there. Oh, don’t be too disappointed. I can’t tell you more, but if you want to badly enough, you’ll find the Cave of Discovery, too.

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