The Castle; Faded Memory

The Castle

After a long and warm day draws to a close, and the sun is hidden behind the golden and red clouds of a beautiful sunset, the air is no longer warm, and has begun to cool off. A slight breeze begins to blow, which feels like a dousing of cool, refreshing water, making the day blissful and enjoyable, and the surroundings all the more pleasant.

On a rise of ground, to the left of the window, there sits a rocky crag, sharply projecting into the autumn sky like the tip of a jagged knife. The crag appears to be of a sandstone color, but it varies, for parts of it are covered in mosses and bramble. Nearly 30 feet above the ground a ledge projects sharply away from the crag, on which several small pines grow, many of which have been forced to grow at an angle away from the rock, in order to appease their need for light and space.

The whole crag sits some 50 yards away from the window. The stretch of ground between is concave, a sort of valley. In this area, there are trees of a multitude; aspens, the leaves already golden and red; trees who have already shed their leaves in preparation for the coming winter, and now appear to be mere skeletons; and pine, their familiar shape jutting forth into the sky, spread sparsely among the others.

To the right of the window, the trees fade away, and soon become a field, on which the signs of human influence are clearly present. The green grass is divided by patches of crops and pastures, each a varying color: some a darker green, some brighter, and some an Autumn yellow. Farther away from the window, across the fields of grain and pastures, lies a town, nestled into a sort of depression in the ground. Here, some trees grow, sheltering the townsfolk from the elements.

Beyond the town, a dark-blue and green lake lies, spreading across the land. The lake is not very wide, but instead lengthens spreading past the town on both sides. The water on the far side reflects, with a mirror quality, the hills that sprout up beyond the lake. These hills are a vivid green; spread with a lighter green grass, and spotted with the darker green of bushy trees, growing on patches of the hill.

The window itself is apart of a castle. The castle sits upon a rise of ground, which appears to be apart and different of the castle; it seems as if the ground has risen up to meet the castle, or the castle is part-way set in the ground. The castle juts past the ground, taking it’s place within the sunset. It’s walls are of a sandstone color, and the roof a dark brown and blue. Several spires Extend from the main keep. The main keep itself is several stories high, with pairs of arched windows spread out on each level. The window is located on the end of the castle nearest the crag. It juts out from the main part of the keep, about halfway up.

Faded Memory

Once more the memory of past fades
Birthday parties and parades
The thoughts and feelings are fake
Vibrant colors become opaque
Despite yearning and striving
It grows old; like something living
And fades away without remorse,
Unable to return by force.

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