Raindrop Down

It began to sprinkle. The clouds had held the rain, striving to keep it to themselves. But eventually, they could hold it no longer. The rain burst forth, slowly at first, but gradually more and more raindrops fell. Looking down, with the pine covered hills below them, mist flowing around the taller mountains and almost covering the shorter ones, the raindrops fell, plummeting downward.

And slowly but surely, the rain began to lessen. Fewer raindrops fell, and eventually, the last raindrop exited its cloudy prison. It looked upon the world, and smiled. A sun beam pieced through it, creating a small rainbow that nobody else could see. The raindrop fell, thinking to itself. It was excited. It was going on a trip. It would get to see the beautiful hills up close, and see the pine trees, towering tall above the ground, and it would be able to feel the soft dirt as it splashed down.

And as it fell, the raindrop spun, humming contentedly to itself. And then the ground rose up to greet it. The raindrop braced itself, and with a Splash! it fell into the needles of a pine tree. Trickling down the needles and the branches and the trunk, it finally reached the ground.

And it lay there, looking back upward, toward the sky. The clouds cleared, and the mist dissipated, but the raindrop did not see this. It had already soaked into the ground. And it was gone.

Several months later, another storm came upon the pine covered hills with ferocity. And the rain fell, and it poured. And as one of the raindrops fell down to the earth, it was excited to see these mountains again.

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