Morning Rain

As the man sat on the edge of the windowsill, staring through the slightly foggy panes at the light morning rain, he tossed an old fashioned watch into the air, caught it, and tossed it up again. He was waiting for someone. He had an appointment with them, after all. A car drove past, lights glaring, blurry and shimmering, through the window. The street was mostly empty this early in the morning, and the brilliant reddish sun had barely peeked its head over the horizon.

Several stray dogs roamed the streets, taking refuge beneath awnings from the rain. There were no birds fluttering about this morning, as they had been driven to nest due to the drizzle. A homeless man, sitting on a bench far down the street, covered his head with a cardboard box. The trees which lined both sides of the street had barely begun to turn a reddish-yellow. The man knew that it was a cold morning, but once the sun rose fully, the chill would be driven away.

Several more cars passed as the man watched and waited, patiently tossing his watch, and occasionally stopping to glance at the time. After a few more minutes had passed, the man grunted and heaved himself off the windowsill, stretching his legs as he walked around the dimly lit room. A desk stood in one corner, forming a sort of cubicle where he usually sat. A notepad, pencil, and several neatly stacked books sat upon the L-shaped desk, which was made of a reddish stained wood.

Behind the desk there was a tall bookshelf, filled from end to end with luxurious new books, and dusty worn book,s and even the occasional magazine. There was a potted plant in the furthest corner of the room next to the door – painted red and with an authoritative-looking knocker – which was located on the right wall. The plant was some species of the vine – which species, the man did not know – and it grew, spiraling, along the pole which he had placed down for it.

As the man stretched, there was a knock on his door. Turning back to the window, he saw that there was now a car parked in front of his office. It was a bright blue car, with several dents in it. His appointment was here. The person at the door knocked again, and the man turned round, and, walking toward the entrance, threw his door open wide.

They were here.

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