A Short Collection of Poems: #1

The Rain
It falls, slowly, faster in the distance,
Making a wall of water, falling in sheets,
I hope it never to go away, I wish, I entreat,
And I would pay it’s penance.

The rain falls, from beyond the window glass,
I lean back, book in hand, wishing this would last.
The darkness has settled around my house,
It feels oppressing, yet somehow still so vast.
Looking towards the sky, the clouds have covered
The stars and moon, so darkness lasts, till lightning tears asunder
And crashes, flashing, it lights up the entire sky,
But I feel safe, beneath my warm bed covers.

The Station
The light rain, relaxing, falls across the roof.
The Station light flickers, and flashes.
The sign said it was open, I wonder if that was true
But I open the door, because this is where the gas is.
Whenever I step, my shoes make splashes
I enter the Station and say “how do ya do?”

I’ve always wished, and it’s always seemed,
That I remember what I’ve dreamed.
Though I can never begin to fathom,
What all the blurry images could mean.
For what lies beneath the surface,
I’ve always wished that I could see this
But beneath my stream of thoughts,
It always lurks, my last forgotten wish.

The Shadow
The Shadow lies,
And always tries,
To prevail, to stay,
But flees before the dawn of day,
Like a breath, a sigh,
And leaves this land, and goes, away.
To the land of Shadows.

Creation, creating everything,
The joy is wrought from making,
Building everything from naught
Seeing what our mind has wrought,
We have the power to create,
So dance and rejoice this fate.

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